Slide Enabled sales staff.
Improved sales results.
The voice for brands!

The voice for all:

Sales associates know best why a certain product or range sell (or why not). voyss brings product and sales knowledge right to the sales floor, and lends sales associates a voice.

Brands need brand advocates. voyss builds advocates by providing brands a voice that reaches sales associates directly. voyss extends the brand’s presence and makes products, assortments and the brand story directly tangible.

Retailers with a dedicated sales staff who deliver a personal shopping experience are more successful. voyss extends the playing field of communication between retailers & sales associates, and retailers & brands by making collaboration transparent and measurable.


of store visitors who were assisted by a sales associate make the purchase (Marketforce)


of shoppers think they know more than store associates (Retaildive)



of newly hired associates receive less than 10 hours of training (Salesfloor)

Our solution:

A mobile app for those who sell brand products. An app for training, for providing feedback and for connecting with brands through targeted campaigns, generating real added value for all. voyss!

Enhancing the shopping experience and improving results

voyss extends the playing field

For Brands:

Spread consistent knowledge effectively and internationally, and create brand loyalty. Gain valuable feedback for specific target group analysis.

For Retailers:

Benefit from brand trainings and increase your sales per employee. Reduce the efforts for external trainings and roll out your own content as needed.

Look & Feel

Template Learning
Learn in a fun way with short, diverse modules and increase your expertise in providing sales advice. Example
Share your feedback on products directly from the sales floor. What experiences did your customers share? What have you observed? It won’t get more direct than this.
The most important view at first sight: started courses, recommended courses and new courses.
Brand Selection
The list of all available brands. Or – for those who want to browse through – general information and basic tracks from the registered brands.
Brand Room
Communications between brand and sales associate, earned points & achievements, campaigns, started content, recommended content, all brand content.
Retailer ID
By verifying user-to-retailer affiliation, voyss can manage the availability of content by retailer, allowing better targeting.
Quick, self-explanatory and intuitive. Registration is a breeze for anyone who has ever held a smartphone.
Overview of your earned points and achievements, sorted by brand.

Have time for the essential

Reduced training efforts

Feedback directly from the sales floor

Empowered sales pros & brand advocates

Direct link into the sales floor

Availability on demand

Improved results

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About voyss

With more than 10 years of experience in retail sales training, program management for worldwide training programs and a strong development team, we know what we’re doing. We share your enthusiasm for retail, competent sales advice and sensible solutions.
Our goal:
Digitalization in the best sense – for your success as brand, retailer or sales professional.


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